On the many things I no longer have to “white-knuckle” after getting an ADHD diagnosis, and the underlying implications of the privilege necessary to make these choices

The far sidie comic where a child is pushing a “pull” door and the sign says “school for the gifted.”

Back in August, I was told I’d be returning to my office, and I started to stress out. Even leaving aside COVID risk…

Or, what can be learned from my racist hate mail?

A wrecking ball shatters a brick wall.

The only way out is through.

That has, for better or worse, become something of a mantra for me over the past few years. Whether it’s my gradual realization (and eventual diagnosis) of my neurodivergence, the mood disorders that I struggled with, or, most importantly, the way I tried to…

*your friends, your spouse, your colleagues, your neighbors, and/or you (probably you)

Image of (mostly) white women protesting against integration in black and white

Sometimes people ask me What To Do about the racists in their lives. I’ll get to my response in a second, but a lot of this smacks of not wanting to seem racist themselves, and frankly, if you…

Racism isn’t really about being mean, but maybe that should be part of fighting it

A fist hits a white man with glasses.

I want to be clear, this is mostly for white people. The rest of you can read this, but that’s not really who I’m talking to. But please enjoy.

So. White people. Listen to me…

To support racialized scholars, we need to confront the epistemology of whiteness in the academy

Once again, I sent this out to some publications, and they weren’t into it (for obvious reasons you will see below). So now you can read it. Enjoy!


Now that the initial wave of…

We can do better than a return to normal in the education world

We are in the middle of something now that, at least for those of us in the United States, none of us have been alive to see. Older Europeans may remember the devastation of the 1940s, and of course many other nations that the United States itself has abused can…

JPB Gerald

EdD student. Race and language scholar. I love my wife, my son, my dog, running, NYC, subways, and the Yankees.

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