To support racialized scholars, we need to confront the epistemology of whiteness in the academy

Once again, I sent this out to some publications, and they weren’t into it (for obvious reasons you will see below). So now you can read it. Enjoy!


Now that the initial wave of interest in Black lives has largely subsided, we academic types have reverted to our usual tactics, with school presidents sending electronic missives to their respective student bodies, asserting their commitment to racial justice. We have released “special issues” of journals that are in actuality cobbled-together past articles, and even changed the names of campus buildings. It’s all very good optics, and it’s certainly a net positive for the academy to have been shamed into these changes. As a Black doctoral student whose scholarship focuses on whiteness and (language) education, I have personally joined my school’s committee on racial justice out of a feeling of obligation due to my experience and my identity. The committee has since broken into smaller subcommittees, and then again into working groups, with the aim to advance initiatives to the larger university by the end of the school year. I hope that whatever we come up with provides some support to the minoritized students in our community — we are working on some language for common syllabi, oh boy! …


JPB Gerald

EdD student. Race and language scholar. I love my wife, my son, my dog, running, NYC, subways, and the Yankees.

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