Maybe Some People Should Just Die?

JPB Gerald
3 min readDec 9, 2021


A new public policy

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Hear me out.

The crafting of public policy is a delicate balance between opposing factions — whereas some on the public stage are fighting for people who look like them, others are fighting for people who have as much money as them. The end result is a toxic stew of rancor and stagnation, which leaves our social programs inefficient and ineffective, helping just about no one, least of all those of us who would rather have more money.

Any new agenda needs to be carefully considered before being adopted. Are we prepared to make the difficult choice, namely, which of a few dozen people in power will amass more of it? Few public figures have the stomach to be seen as the bad guy for telling the truth about which programs we should arbitrarily choose to eviscerate, and I understand this internal dilemma. No one should have to endure such anguish, and I am writing here today to propose a solution, a new public policy that will resolve many of our conflicts all at once: Maybe some people should just die?

We all know that there is a certain class of people that we would rather not allow to be fed, clothed, and healthy. You and I might define that the members of this group differently, but we all have a portion of the populace that we consider to be beneath us, and I am certain, with just a bit deliberation, we could agree on some broad parameters for who we might be rid of.

We need to stop speaking in euphemisms and florid metaphors that only tangentially serve these purposes.

No more “deregulation” — just remove all pretense of safety and support.

No more “austerity” — just take the money away from the people who need help.

No more allowing the “market” to dictate outcomes — just make a plan for who needs to be dispensed with and carry it out.

Enough of this soft-shoe, tap dance, pantomime. Let’s just accelerate the processes we are haphazardly allowing to occur and reap the benefits post haste.

We can’t fund Social Security much longer? We just don’t want them to be alive anymore!

We can’t afford entitlements? It would be more fun for us if they starved!

We can’t figure out how to fight climate change effectively? We all know who’s going to suffer first! In fact, they’re already suffering!

I can hear you pointing out that our system depends on their exploitation, and that if they were gone, we might lack purpose, what with no one to subjugate and all. I assure you we will always find a new way to denigrate and disempower, and, so long as we continue to put forth the idea that they can succeed through individual heroism, whomever we place on the bottom will stay there. We have little danger in losing our power so long as they don’t fight collectively.

Think of how much less stress there would be if we didn’t have to keep pretending we cared about something more than maintaining and expanding our wealth. Think of the lives we could lead if we didn’t occasionally have to be reminded of them.

The recent past has shown us that some of them will actually go out there and get themselves sick if we tell them that it will make their manufactured enemies upset. They’ll ruin their education systems to appease us, while we get to make money off of it. And then, even better, the people who actually want help just wither and die once we remove their protections and say that the other people wanted it. It’s truly a win-win scenario, and it wouldn’t really be very hard to just take the next logical step.

I say to you that we stop wasting time and get serious about what we want and what we need. I’m tired of waiting for what we all know we really want to do.

I hope you will join me as we build towards a better future together, for me, for you, and all of humanity.

Well, not all of it.



JPB Gerald

Dr of Ed. Racism/language/ability theorist and adult educator.